A day in the life of Paul Winter

A summary of one day on the streets.

As Paul encountered D she proudly demonstrated that she was still wearing her WWJD bracelet. She then went on to talk more about the recent death of her uncle, asking Paul for his opinion as to whether to go and see his body in the morgue. Prayer was promised for making this decision.

Nearby was S, whose mother passed away recently. She introduced Paul to a man who turned out to be an Irish Traveller who had connections to an area of London where Paul used to visit the community.

J was on her way to court, but seemed quite unfazed by it.

K and C were approached by police officers while Paul was with them and C was searched after a tip-off, but nothing of any concern was found.

By now it was raining, and Paul came across B who asked for a phone call to her father. She evidently wasn't having a good day, but a few words with her dad calmed her down a bit.

All in days work!

Clock icon 23 Feb, 2024

Written by:

Terry Durose

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