A prodigal returns

Ryan Ackrill was out in Manchester City centre visiting some homeless people, when he was drawn to a man called Liam, Ryan sat down beside him and asked him how his day was going.

Liam started to share how he had given his life to Christ when he was in prison, but that he had drifted away since becoming homeless, he told Ryan he felt like the streets and the drugs had started to consume him.

Ryan recalls, “I noticed that Liam had a real heart of repentance. You could tell that this was not what he wanted. As I sensed a real Godly sorrow, I started to tell him that it was never too late to make a recommitment back to Jesus, and how me being there was a divine appointment”.

As Liam started to cry, Ryan told him that Jesus is waiting for him to turn away from his sinful ways and come home. He shared about the Prodigal Son, about how God is always looking out for his children, and how he leaves the ninety-nine sheep, to chase the one who has run away (Luke 15:3-7). He told Liam being on the streets with nowhere to live is not what God planned for him.

As they prayed a prayer of recommitment, Liam’s heart began to break. Ryan prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill Liam. Ryan said that after he had finished praying strong sense of the presence of God at work.

Afterward, Liam said that he felt peace; Ryan told Liam about our facilities in Salford, and also mentioned other organisations like Barnabas: he also gave Liam a copy of John’s Gospel and MCM’s contact details.

Clock icon 20 Mar, 2021

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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