Not just accepted, but read as well...

It was a few Sundays after 'E' had requested a Bible that Paul met her again in Piccadilly Gardens and presented one to her.

Paul continues the story. "Next to 'E' was 'S' who asked if I had a spare Bible, which on the day I did. Later I was talking to 'J' and I mentioned that I had been able to give away two Bibles that day and as a result, 'J' asked me to get her one as well."

Paul goes on, "I live in Bolton, and just over a week later I was in the town centre, and there was 'E'! She explained that she was doing well; she got the Bible I had given her out of her bag and showed me where she had been reading it recently."

It's good news indeed that 'E' is reading the Bible Paul gave her.
Clock icon 26 Jul, 2021

Written by:

Paul Winter

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