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Mary, from Groundbreakers, is a member of the Oldham SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for RE). Following the most recent meeting she reports...

"Last Thursday night I attended the Oldham SACRE Meeting (Standing Advisory Council for RE). This committee is made up of Councilors, Head Teachers, Representatives of other faiths and Church Leaders from the different denominations. The members were offered the chance to contribute their thoughts at the end of the meeting. A Headteacher from Saddleworth was present, who has the Groundbreakers assemblies in her school and she said that she would just like to thank me for all the assemblies this year. Wherever she goes in school she hears my voice and she said that the children in Reception have asked her if I can go and work in their school!!"

Would you like Groundbreakers to take assemblies in your primary school, or a school that you have contact with? Why not discuss this with the headteacher and suggest they contact Mary at

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Clock icon 08 Jul, 2021

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Mary Butt

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