All that's needed is a miracle...

There are times when Manchester City Mission missionaries just need a miracle to be able to leave a client in a safe place.

Our Restart team had just one such occasion recently.

A team member received a call from the manager of a café to say that there was a woman in a really bad way in her café who asked if they could put her in touch with Restart. They explained that she was homeless, covered in bruises and very traumatised. The team member spoke to the woman on the phone and got to the café as soon as they could.

When the team member spoke to the woman she told them that she was the victim of a serious crime and that the police and hospital had let her go, but she had nowhere to stay.

The team member spoke with the local authority housing office, however, they were not for housing her as she had lost her priority and they had closed the case.

Our team member call the police because the woman was intoxicated and had nowhere to stay and no phone, she needed keeping safe. The Restart team often have donated phones that they can give out in circumstances like this but unfortunately, the team member did not have any on her. The police officer was so moved with compassion for the woman that they took our team member to her home to pick up a phone. Then they engaged with the housing office along with our team member to ensure that the woman was found a safe place to stay. It was agreed that somewhere would be found and our team member stayed with her at the café until long after closing time.

Shortly before the housing office was due to close there had still been no call, so our team member rang and was told the case officer would ring. But there was still no call and, fearing the woman would be left to stay on the street, she and the team member left the café. They walked down the street discussing how to stay safe and were both a little relieved that at least she a phone they could contact her on. The manager of the hostel that is next door to the café, saw them, recognised the team member and came out with a form for her to complete. It seems the Housing Officer had rung the hostel but not the woman, she never did get a call!

It had seemed hopeless but then a miracle occurred!

If the manager had not recognised our team member as they walked by, the woman would have been classed as a 'no show' and would have been taken off the housing list.

Would you pray with us that we see more and more life-changing miracles that bring glory to God.

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Clock icon 29 Mar, 2022

Written by:

Dave Butt

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