All the lonely people

Paul Winter inspires us to be a friend

This week an email from the Evangelical Alliance reminded us of the importance of friendship. We were reminded that 53% of non-Christians know a practicing Christian, but 54% of Christians don’t know any non-Christians well enough to share their faith with them. What a challenge!

Below is a story about MCM missionary Paul Winter that might inspire us to intentionally develop purposeful friendships with those outside the church.

Paul has known P for several years but contact since the beginning of the pandemic has been very limited; P had lost her phone and her accommodation so there was no way of getting in touch. This week P appeared in one of her regular spots and Paul was able to have a catch-up. P told him that contact with her son had continued, but that she was now living in a hostel. Paul told her that she had been prayed for at his church prayer meeting and P immediately showed interest in attending a service at some stage. Paul told her that he would look at the area where she is living and see what might be appropriate. P gave Paul her present phone number with the hope of staying in touch and giving her some recommendations.

According to a recent government survey approximately three million people in England say that they feel lonely often or always. Why not reach out to someone today?

Clock icon 06 Jul, 2023

Written by:

Terry Durose

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