Answer to prayer

Despite children being excited by news of the Soul Children choir starting next week, very few had signed up by Wednesday morning, then Debs and Mary from Groudnbreakers asked the MCM staff to pray...

As we've shared here recently the Soul Children: Saddleworth choir, a partnership between Groundbreakers, Soul Children Uk and St Thomas' church in Delph, is being launched next week.

When Debs and Mary went into the local schools the children were very excited, unfortunately; flyers left in bags, Christmas, school holidays, and not least Covid, have led to very few children actually registering for the launch event. Since the launch involves chips, it's really important to know how many children will be there!

The issue was shared with the whole of the MCM staff through our WhatsApp prayer group and Debs and Mary were really encouraged that by the end of the day there had been a 100% increase in the number of children signed up. We need to see even more registered so will you pray with us that all the obstacles will be overcome and that the launch event can go ahead with a large number of children.

To find out more about the work of Groundbreakers click here.
To support the work of Mary and Debs click here.
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