Are you going the ‘right’ way?

An encounter on the streets of Manchester City Centre…

Paul was walking along Portland Street last week towards Oxford Road when he became aware of a lady coming alongside him. Paul thought it was unusual as he walks quite quickly. The lady remarked on the road sign before the junction, which included the words 'To all routes'. 'Does that mean there's only one way to go?' she asked. As the conversation continued it became apparent that the lady (R) had at one stage been Homeless; she was interested in what Paul did on the streets. R was looking to get a bus to Rusholme, so Paul was able to show her the way to the right bus stop. A bus was arriving as they got there and given the feel of the conversation Paul said he would be praying for R. Paul reflected later on the way R had seemingly materialised and thought of Hebrews 13 v 2.

Please join us in prayer – that the lost will be found!

Clock icon 17 Jun, 2024

Written by:

Paul Winter

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