What a great idea! Primary school children record their response to assembly.

At the end of a Groundbreakers assembly this week, a group of children stood up and chose a child each to go to the back of the hall with them.

God had chosen Gideon, the least in his family of the weakest clan, to go in the strength he had and save Israel out of Midian’s hand! How? Because God was sending him and would be with him!

Mary saw them busy writing away on post it’s and went and asked what they were doing. The children explained that they were the Ethos Committee and that at the end of every assembly they ask random children to tell them what they have learnt from the assembly that day.

Mary was pleased to see what the children had learnt from her assembly based on the story of Gideon, with the youngest child who had been selected from Year 1 stating that, “It doesn’t matter if you are small, you’re still a hero!”

The children chatted away about what they had learnt and said how much they had enjoyed the assembly, especially the kryptonite challenge!!!

Gideon is the subject of this half-term's assembly, what could we learn from his story? Are you going where God sends you, in His strength, knowing He is with you?

If you would like Groundbreakers to come into a school linked with your church contact Mary by email using Groundbreakers@ntlworld.com

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Clock icon 09 Feb, 2023

Written by:

Mary Butt

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