Support for Groundbreakers reaches beyond the children!

When Mary and Debs go into schools to deliver assemblies and workshops they often get positive feedback and enthusiastic praise from the children. However, on a recent visit to a local primary school they heard something different...

Two very enthusiastic members of staff explained how the work of Groundbreakers has impacted the lives of adults too.

The R.E coordinator said to Debs:

"We love the online assemblies that Groundbreakers send us and every class watches them as soon as they come out. All the staff comment on the creative and humorous ways you explore the Christian faith and you often have us laughing out loud. There's always a serious message though and some of the teachers have said that it's not just the children who have been challenged about their attitudes! Groundbreakers is not just for children. Thank you."

Mary and Debs then delivered a "Diary of a Disciple" workshop- a fast-paced 90-minute dive into Luke's gospel with games, a quiz, wordsearch, craft and drama activities! At one point the class teacher came to talk to Debs, who was delivering the drama activity. She said how impressed she was with the whole workshop and how engaged every single child was. She herself was learning a lot and couldn't believe that Groundbreakers didn't charge the school to deliver such a high-quality workshop. Debs told her that it was the generous support of churches and individuals that enabled Manchester City Mission and Groundbreakers to carry out their work. Both the R.E Co-ordinator and class teacher said Groundbreakers had given them ideas on how to deliver their R.E. provision in a more creative and challenging way.

Mary and Debs have always known that " Groundbreakers is not just for children", but to hear two adults comment on how they've benefited from their work was very encouraging indeed.

To find out how you can support the work of Groundbreakers and the other Manchester City Mission projects, take a look at our website.

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Clock icon 28 Jun, 2023

Written by:

Debs Williams

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