Birthday Celebration

One of the key tasks of Operation Joy is know when people are celebrating their birthday.

I had got to know “J” over a period of several months as I walked around Bolton Town centre. She and her partner are homeless and finding it difficult to deal with the council as the Town Hall is closed for refurbishment. “J” appeared regularly during this time, often in very different places and I commented one day that this was not by chance.

One day in the Town Centre I came across “J” and she told me that it was her birthday. After seeing her I wrote a card out so that the next time I saw her I could pass it on to her. That was about two weeks later. When I gave her the card “J” was reduced to tears.

The next time I saw “J” she poured her heart out to me. She was ill and had called her family for help as she was afraid of dying on the street. One of her family said ‘I hope you do’. “J” told me a lot more about her background and I offered prayer.

“J’s” birthday has been key in building the relationship to a point where I can point to the One who really cares.

Clock icon 15 Jun, 2021

Written by:

Paul Winter

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