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Paul Winter bumped into members of the Roma community that he'd last seen 18 months before and came away with a list of prayer needs.

Paul says, "Included among the people I meet in Manchester are members of the Roma community. Before the Covid19 pandemic, I was able to visit their homes, but that had to stop when the lockdown was introduced. I managed to maintain some contact through the use of social media, and I have also been able to send birthday cards through the post. Then yesterday as I was in Manchester I saw two of the women known to me from the community for the first time in 18 months. It was brilliant to see them again, and I was able to pass on a crocheted blanket that a family member had provided."

Paul had decided he would always carry an item such as this every time he goes out, in the hope that he would see them. Paul was also able to find out what things they would like prayer for.

Clock icon 04 Oct, 2021

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Paul Winter

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