Jesus heals the broken hearts

Just before Christmas one of the prisoners at HMP Forest Bank put in an application to come down to the chapel to light a candle. This is something we provide for people who are in need of some support at times of personal struggle.

I went to the prisoner's cell and brought him down to the chapel. He told me it was the first anniversary of his mum's passing and he wanted to have a chat with a chaplain and spend a few moments in peaceful contemplation.

I lit the candle, shared some passages of Scripture and prayed with him. I then left him for a few moments with his own thoughts as I made him a coffee.

When I returned he really opened up to me. The poor guy was clearly heartbroken about how he missed his mother and how hard it had been that she had passed away while he was incarcerated. I offered him further comfort and pointed him to Jesus.

He listened intently as I read through a “New Life” booklet with him and I then took him through a prayer accepting Christ as his Saviour. He told me he felt much better after this as if a great burden had been lifted off him. He said he would now start to attend the chapel services and I said I would look in on him whenever I was in the prison.

Pray for B that God will keep him close to His heart, that he will know the comfort that only Jesus can give, and that B will come to a full understanding of salvation in Christ as I, and others, seek to continue to minister to him.

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Clock icon 02 Jan, 2023

Written by:

Nick Stirling

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