Prison Chaplaincy Christianity Explored course continues at HMP Buckley Hall.

We have now completed the third week of the Christianity Explored course and eleven of the original twelve prisoners who signed up are sticking with it.

This week the course focused upon the problem of sin and its effects upon individuals and upon the whole world in general.

We used the old illustration that the central letter of the word SIN is “I” and everyone is basically self centred. “I want this, I want that, I want things MY way.” With the whole world having such an attitude, conflict and crime are inevitable.

Everyone understood and even identified with this and took on board what we were saying regarding how that Jesus came to pay the price for sin and to bring new life to all who will surrender their lives to Him. We said that Jesus wants us to step down from the throne of our lives and let Him reign as Saviour and Lord instead.

The creator of the course also brought to our attention at this point, that we are now at the halfway stage of reading through Mark’s gospel, which was encouraging for everyone.

The guys are continuing to engage really well and are thinking deeply about these things. Please continue to pray for them to come fully through to a saving knowledge of Christ.

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Clock icon 08 Feb, 2023

Written by:

Nick Stirling

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