Clear Call Newsletter (No. 33) Winter 2021

The latest edition of Clear Call, our regular newsletter, has been dropping on people's door mats this week. You can read our director's introuctory letter here and download a copy of the newletter from the link at the end of his message.

Dear Friends

Please find enclosed the latest edition of Clear Call. The theme for this winter copy of the Manchester City Mission newsletter is ‘The Irrelevant Gospel’.

The photo on the front cover tells the story. In the foreground we see the bright, shiny lights of a Christmas market, purposely designed to be very eye-catching - and it works!

Front Cover

In the darker background shadows however, we see the solid structure of the cathedral which, although not particularly relevant to those intent on sampling the mulled wine or German sausage, is there nonetheless. And it will be there long after the temporary Christmas market buildings have been packed away for another year.

In much the same way, the eternal message of the church, that ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only Son’, seems irrelevant to many today. Even so, the Gospel is still solidly present in our culture, made relevant as God’s people proclaim the good news in word and deed.

The work of Manchester City Mission could be described as bringing the Gospel message out of the shadows and into the foreground. As you read about our projects and the differences they are making in the lives of ordinary people, you will see that the Gospel IS relevant today and is, without doubt, the most relevant message we could possibly share. I also recommend that you visit the MCM website which is full of the latest news items from our projects.

Finally I want to thank you for your support this year. As you know, MCM does not ask churches or individuals for money, but we do know that God’s faithfulness is very often revealed through the generosity of his people.

Thank you,

Terry Durose

Director, Manchester City Mission, Winter 2021

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Clock icon 06 Dec, 2021

Written by:

Terry Durose

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