Connected teamwork between MCM team members to bring glory to God.

Although our projects are distinct from one another there is often opportunity for working together.

Barry from our Nourish project was really pleased to be able to get the ministry group, Living Waters, from Lighthouse Church into HMP Forrest Bank after all the Covid restrictions. The group regularly used to minister at the Narrowgate Night Shelter before the Covid restrictions.

Barry preached and the response was the best ever with 2 people making decisions to follow Jesus in the first meeting and at least 4 out of the small group of nine in the second. When trying to collect the names at the end, to share with the Chaplaincy team, practically everyone wanted to give their names.

The exciting thing is that the story does not end there.

Barry has been able to pass on the names to the prison chaplaincy team, and our Chaplain, Nick Stirling, is a member of the prison chaplaincy team and is keen to be following up with these men.

Please pray that after making the decision to follow Jesus, this partnership with Nick will be effective in helping them to become disciples.

Barry is planning more meetings in HMP Forrest Bank and also in HMP Buckley Hall, another prison where Nick is on the chaplaincy team!

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Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay
Clock icon 15 Jun, 2022

Written by:

Barry Matley

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