Things we take for granted...

Help to purchase a countertop cooker means 'J' can prepare himself a proper hot meal.

'J' has been coming into the Narrowgate Support Hub for some time now. He really appreciates the support and companionship he receives, loneliness is such a big issue for some people at the moment. He has been helped with a number of issues over the time he has been coming in.

'J' lives in a flat that has a tiny kitchen and he has not had a cooker since he moved in as there is not enough room for a normal cooker, this has been far from ideal. Nick, our Chaplain who runs the Support Hub, and Cath, our Next Stage Housing Co-ordinator, assisted 'J' in resolving a long-running retail dispute, this enabled him to purchase a countertop cooker with their help. Nick has also spent time with 'J' making sure he can understand the instruction manual.

'J' is thrilled with the cooker and enjoying preparing himself proper hot meals.

Stock image used under Creative Commons License.

Clock icon 05 Oct, 2021

Written by:

Nick Stirling

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