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Nourish, our Food Poverty project, is now registered with the BanktheFood phone app, download it and find out what the Food Club needs everytime you go shopping.

Barry, our Nourish project co-ordinator, has registered the Family Food Clubs with the BanktheFood mobile phone app.

Barry says, "This is very exciting, as it will enable supporters to find the latest updates on our needs for the Food Club."

We know many of you are wanting to know how best to support the Food Club and Barry went on, "Please let me encourage everyone to download the app and see the needs. If you are able to meet any we would be really grateful to receive them to help our members."

The Food Club has been listed under Manchester City Mission and is based at our Windsor Christian Centre. Any problems, don't hesitate to contact Barry either by email or on 0161 736 7959.

Clock icon 13 Oct, 2021

Written by:

Barry Matley

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