Mary & Debs exceed expectations at a recent Diary of a Disciple workshop!

Coming out of lockdown Groundbreakers has had the opportunity to do face to face work in some new schools. This week Mary and Debs were in a school that Groundbreakers has never visited before to deliver a Diary of a Disciple workshop to Year 6.

As they were explaining at the start of the workshop that they would be looking at the Bible and what would be happening, the class became noticeably reluctant to engage and clearly thought it was going to be boring.

However, by the end of the first game, they were all completely absorbed and thoroughly enjoyed each of the activities.

During one of the drama sessions, Debs asked for feedback from the children and one young lad asked if he could be honest! Debs said, "Of course, we want you to be honest." And the lad said, "I thought when it was going to be about the Bible it was going to be really boring, but actually it's been great!"

At the end of the session when Mary and Debs asked if they had learnt new things, all the children responded "Yes!" and several came up to thank them personally.

What a great afternoon! How fantastic that the workshop exceeded the pupil's expectations!

So many group activities that are taken into schools are one-off and can't be repeated year after year. So the school's RE co-ordinator was delighted that the Diary of a Disciple workshop is something that can be delivered every year as a part of the school's Year 6 RE curriculum.

If you would like to volunteer with Groundbreakers when they do a Diary of a Disciple workshop or if you would like to discuss how Groundbreakers can your local school contact Mary at

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Clock icon 14 Jun, 2022

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Debs Williams

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