Action for Children identify five barriers to work enabling low income families to overcome poverty.

Using Government data* Action for Children estimate that 1.36million children in the UK are living in families that have 1 barrier to work!

Childhood and life chances are ruined by poverty!

It was no accident that Manchester City Mission called it's food poverty project The Family Food Fayre Food Club when it was established in 2020.

Enabling parents to feed their children, rather than sending them into school hungry makes the world of difference to how a child is able to engage with learning.

The research by Action for Children# challenges Rishi Sunak's statement from November 2022, "The absolute best way to ensure that children do not grow up in poverty... is to ensure that they do not grow up in a workless household." They found that 440,000 children are in poverty despite their parent(s) working full-time, and that an additional 641,000 children are in poverty where at least one parent is disabled!

They found that the following barriers get in the way of work being the solution to poverty for these families;

  • They are already maximising their hours by working full-time;
  • A parent is long-term sick or disabled;
  • A child is disabled;
  • They are caring for a child under two;
  • Single parents only: they are working part-time and caring for a child of primary school age (3 - 10).

In Luke 14 we find Jesus sharing a meal in a pharisee’s house, he was under scrutiny and having healed a man and discussed a number of issues, he challenges his host to invite to his table the vulnerable in society, starting with the poor, that is those who will not be able to repay his generosity.

He says, “Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

How can you show generosity to the vulnerable in your community?

Manchester City Mission's Food Clubs are located across the county and Barry is always looking for support, volunteers, and new opportunities. Groundbreakers visit school across Greater Manchester and amongst other things offer a workshop that introduces children to Luke's gospel and a mental health workshop. Our other projects work with the vulnerable on the streets, in prisons and assisting with accommodation issues.

If you would like to discuss how you can help Manchester City Mission show generosity to the vulnerable, please contact us by email ( or on the offfice phone (0161 736 7959).

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If you wish to support the work of Manchester City Mission click here

*Action for Children analysed government data on families in low-income households from the 2020/21 Family Resources Survey and
the 2020/21 Households Below Average Income (HBAI) datasets.
# You can download the Action for Children report here.
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Clock icon 09 Feb, 2023

Written by:

Terry Durose

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