The data shows Food Club members more confident now regarding mental well being than before the Club started.

The Food Club recently conducted an anonymous questionnaire, the resulst show the positive impact that the Food Club has on the food provision and mental well being of members.

The Questionnaire showed that over half were very/extremely unconfident about their food provision and mental wellbeing before they became members. Now after becoming members 85% say they are very/extremely confident about their food provision and mental wellbeing.

These figures would be more dramatic, but with the backdrop of the loss of £20 per week on Universal Credit the data shows that 55% are extremely concerned about the future as are 81.4% regarding the rapid increase in home energy costs.

Everyone, with one exception, said they were extremely likely to recommend the food club to someone else. This supports our growth which is a result of personal recommendations rather than flyers and social media.

The questionnaire shows a real community spirit has been present, with a number now deliberately arranging to meet here with friends. Friendliness, helpfulness and the welcome of staff and volunteers is also mentioned numerous times. As well as mentioning that their well-being, mental health, reduced social isolation and finances have greatly improved.

It is very humbling, as well as providing motivation to continue, to read the responses. The Food Club has been able to help people so much, working alongside the Narrowgate Hub.

Here are just three:

"The Food Club has been a lifeline, especially as I need a special (expensive) diet for medical reasons and I am on a very low income"- We were able to help deliver groceries to this lady when she was self-isolating and housebound. She went on to say. "Without the Food Club, I would probably be dead! We all knew that the £20 UC uplift would be stopped soon as it was a ‘temporary’ uplift due to Covid 19, so the fear was already there. I am scared that without this Food Club I will not be able to get through this winter with both ‘heating and eating’, which will make my health problems worse. Thanks for the Food Club and all your good work. I have recommended it to local friends."

Another lady struggling with cancer said: "I feel better financially and mentally. It has helped loads. I love it and have been able to meet up with friends. The staff are great, I always recommend it. I think the place is amazing. I love to come and talk and they regularly pray for me."

And another said, "Due to unavoidable circumstances, I had to move house. Also being poorly, I had to take leave - so no salary. The Food Club was God sent. I never have to worry now about food on my plate. Thank you MCM."

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Clock icon 16 Nov, 2021

Written by:

Barry Matley

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