You could see that God had his hand upon him….

Ryan who serves as the resident Evangelist at the Nourish food club on Mondays and Thursdays in Salford had great news last week, when a man came into the food club and was desperate for more than just food.

Ryan picks up the story;

It was a Thursday and the food club was very busy, I think this was one of our busiest days on record.

I was praying with people and proclaiming the Gospel all day. Then a man came in and as I observed him I felt that God had his hand upon him. I approached him and asked if he was ok? He replied No. so I said would you like a chat with me? He said yes.

After he did his shopping we began chatting, the conversation quickly went to, what is our purpose here on earth? I was quick to take him to Psalm 139:14, that he has been fearfully and wonderfully made. We then looked at some facts, the fact that he has a fingerprint and a DNA and there is no one like him, he said he had never looked at himself in that way. We continued to talk about God and how he has a plan for our lives. I took him to Jeremiah 29:11, that God wants to give us a hope and a future. We continued talking about repentance and I was able to tell him that God is the one who grants repentance (2 Timothy 2:25-26). We then moved on to the two different types of sorrow which can be found in 2 Corinthians 7:10, Godly sorrow and worldly sorrow.

I felt that this man was ready to receive Christ as his Lord and Saviour. I then led him in a prayer of repentance and prayed for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He said he felt electricity running through his body and that he had this feeling that everything was going to be ok.

You could clearly see God was doing something in this man. We have given him a Bible and he is now in a local church. We are continuing to stand with him and ensure that he is disciples.

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Clock icon 09 Jun, 2023

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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