Groundbreakers Inspires…

“I took the punishment”.

Isn’t it so encouraging to know that what you’ve said has been listened to, thought through and applied to the person’s own life. That’s how I felt after an assembly in an Oldham school when a boy came up to me after my assembly about sacrificial love, which looked at how Jesus stepped up and took the consequences for what we have done. The boy said,

“Me and my friend were playing football when he kicked the ball into my neighbours back yard. The man came out and shouted and we ran away, but sometime later I went back and said I was playing football when the ball was kicked over and that I was sorry. I took the punishment. I found your assembly inspirational and I am going to continue to try and be like that in the future!”

Wow… what a response. He had definitely grasped what sacrificial love is all about and my prayer is that he goes on to think about and grasp what Easter is all about!

Mary Butt.

Clock icon 19 Mar, 2024

Written by:

Mary Butt

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