Groundbreakers on the radio...

After nearly two years producing online assemblies for primary schools, Mary & Debs finally made it into a proper studio on Sunday to speak with Mike Shaft about the launch of the Soul Children: Saddleworth choir.

Manchester City Mission is partnering with St Thomas' Delph and Soul Children UK to launch Soul Children: Saddleworth in January. Mary and Debs from Groundbreakers were interviewed on the Mike Shaft Show on BBC Radio Manchester on Sunday morning regarding this exciting development. They were Mike's first face to face interview in two years and were made to feel very welcome.

Mary and Debs have very different stories to tell regarding their faith journeys and it was fantastic that Mike wanted to hear their stories. If you've ever wondered how they came to faith why not take the opportunity to listen in.

Click this link to go to the show on the BBC Sounds app or website, the interview is at about 3hrs 25minutes.

As well as talking about the wide range of Manchester City Mission's work and Groundbreakers in particular, Mary managed to mention the recent interview regarding the Bank The Food app that Nourish is using to help people contribute to the Food Clubs.



Clock icon 14 Dec, 2021

Written by:

Mary Butt

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