He made it to church

Ryan who serves in our Operation Joy project was surprised when he saw a gentleman that he has been trying to get to come to church for the last twelve months, actually at church.

Ryan tells the story...

I always feel that getting someone to church, who has given their heart to the Lord is so hard. I find that many people associate church with funerals, weddings and even the odd Christening. So when I say it’s important to now go to church so you are able to grow spiritually I’m fronted with all kinds of excuses.

I have been working with this gentleman for the last 12 months, he first came to us in our Oldham Drop-in. This guy gave his heart to the Lord and then we saw God's favour upon his life. We saw him go from strength to strength. He had been struggling with homelessness and we were able to house him within a couple of weeks. We were able to get him Baptised at Cath and Nick Stirling’s church. We managed to get his flat furnished, as you can imagine the Glory of God was upon him.

I would have regular contact with this man through the Oldham Drop-in, so I would see him and he would come and hear the Gospel being preached, but I was unable to get him to go to church. Last week as I was worshipping in my church I heard a voice say “Hello Ryan” and there he was after 12 months stood at the side of me. This was a great moment as my heart filled with joy.

He has said that he is now going to start coming every week and said “I don’t know why I have been putting it off for so long”

Ryan will continue to support this man and give us regular updates on his progress. Glory to God.

Find out more...

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Clock icon 05 Oct, 2022

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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