How ant like are you?

Groundbreakers are delivering a half-termy face to face assembly, where this is possible, and continuing to provide a monthy online assembly. Just what do the children make of the assemblies?

Groundbreakers' latest face-to-face assembly talks about how God is wise, and that He wants us to ask Him to help us to be wise and make good choices in our lives. Debs and Mary have been thinking about the proverb of Solomon which tells us to "consider the ways of the ant and be wise" and a video clip is shown of ants at work. The children are then asked to say what they notice about how the ants behave and certain points are drawn out, for instance, ants are hardworking, team players, are persistent, and self-motivated.

These are all qualities that can help us to be wise and make good choices.

After Debs had delivered this assembly to a group of Year 4 children, one child said, "I prayed in my head and asked God to help me be a team player; I get dead mad when people don't do what I want them to when I'm playing footie and I keep getting in trouble for punching them." Another child said, "I need God to help me to be more hard-working because I can't be bothered to do my homework"!

Debs says, "It's rewarding when you see children engage in your assembly and realise that they are actively seeking God to help them make good changes in their lives."

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Clock icon 01 Feb, 2022

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Debs Williams

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