How can I serve the Lord?

A perspective by our latest missionary, Louise McCabe

My journey with Manchester City Mission began in April 2019, when I joined as a volunteer in the Narrowgate homeless shelter. Since being born again I’ve had an inner yearning to help people, to do something, anything, that would ease the daily struggles of people. I have prayed fervently and often asking for God make use of me, to lead me and show me how to be a better servant.

I soon became bank staff, providing holiday cover as a team leader and I continued to volunteer. I knew very quickly that MCM was somewhere I wanted to be, as a volunteer or ideally as an employee, I have prayed often for this.

In 2021 the Nourish food club was launched. I continued to volunteer and to pray – ‘How can I best serve you Lord?’

In May this year I became employed in the Nourish department of MCM - prayers answered! However, this story doesn’t finish here!

An opportunity became available. MCM were looking to replace their Operations Coordinator and each time our director, Terry, gave an update on this situation I had an overwhelming sense of ‘apply for this….’ So, leaning on God, I did apply.

I am now volunteering in this challenging role with a view to becoming permanent, leaning on God not on my own understanding.

The role of the operations coordinator is the missionary to the missionaries, what a privilege, to serve those who serve!

Clock icon 04 Jul, 2023

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