How Do I Get My Soul Cleansed?

Ryan, who serves in our Operation Joy project, was out on the streets of Manchester last week when he was stopped, by a man in a wheelchair, just as he was about to go home. Ryan tells the story.

‘I was out on the streets of Manchester witnessing to the homeless community with my team of volunteers. We finished our session and I began my way back to the carpark, just as I was about to get in my car a man in a wheel chair came racing towards me shouting Ryan. I looked up and it was a gentleman that I had spoken to many times before about Jesus. As he spoke he had an urgency in his voice saying, “Ryan I need to get right with God, how do I get my soul cleansed?”. I then lead him in a prayer of repentance, and he received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.’

Wonderful stories like this are only possible because of the prayerful support of our fellow workers in Christ. Your partnership is making a difference!

If you have any questions about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, or you want to be assured about your Salvation, please contact Ryan or one of the team at Manchester City Mission.

Tele; 07835972140

Office; 0161-736-7959


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Clock icon 30 Jun, 2023

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Terry Durose

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