We love to hear how schools have built on what we have done in Groundbreakers assemblies

In an assembly about the tongue and how we use it, we gave the children a way of thinking before they spoke…

  • T… is it TRUE?
  • H… is it HELPFUL?
  • N… is it NECESSARY?
  • K… is it KIND?

And the school went on to make posters for each classroom so that the children would remember the assembly, and how to think before they spoke to each other!

As a result of the same assembly in another school, the Head Teacher wrote to the parents and shared the story from the assembly because she was having an issue with parents gossiping at the school gate!

One school takes the Groundbreakers assembly theme and puts a display after each visit in the school reflection area so the children can continue to think about and respond to what we have talked about in that assembly.

And only last week, we were sent some photos from a school where, as a result of the Good Friday themed assembly, they had made crosses and wanted to show us!!

It is good to know that long after we have gone, God continues to use the assembly messages in all sorts of ways and that they have an impact on the life of a school as well as on individuals, whether that be staff or children.

Clock icon 12 Apr, 2021

Written by:

Mary Butt

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