“I want that Jesus in my life…”

Michelle (Restart) tells us of the joy and hope a recent Acts435 gift brought to a client.

While meeting recently with a client, ‘S’, and the probation service, Michelle was able to tell her that an Acts435 gift of £900 to cover the deposit on a house had been agreed. ‘S’ needed to move back closer to Oldham to enable her son to live with her.

‘S’ was so overwhelmed by the generosity of God’s people shown in this gift that she said there and then that she wanted God in her life and wanted to bring up her son to go to church. Later as the session drew to a close, before Michelle could offer to pray, ‘S’ asked for Michelle to pray that the final arrangements, which could get complex, would be all be easily made.

Michelle will continue to support 'S' as she moves closer to Oldham and starts to follow Jesus.



Clock icon 25 Nov, 2021

Written by:

Michelle Delaney

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