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The clients that the Restart team work with are very vulnerable, they will often appear to make as many backward steps as forward ones.

A young woman got in touch with the Restart Team on Thursday. She had been badly beaten up by a man again and needed help. She is well known to the Restart team who met with her and encouraged her to speak with the police.

She made a statement and the police have issued a restraining order and are looking to progress the case. The police made the necessary arrangements for her to be placed in a temporary bed every night (ABEN) provision so that she would be off the streets and safe for the night.

The following day she had a phone call from housing, they had received the new referral and they confirmed that they had a duty of care for her and had reopened her file. This was important as the housing office had previously refused to reopen her file as she was considered to have made herself homeless.

Housing are now looking to find her safe and secure accommodation.

The Restart team have met with her, chatting and ensuring that she is getting a nourishing meal. The young woman has said that she is thinking of walking with Jesus again.

This is so much easier said than done. Please pray for her, God knows her name, that she would be kept safe and that by the power of God at work in her, she would be able to walk with Jesus.

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Clock icon 11 Apr, 2022

Written by:

Dave Butt

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