Lendlease volunteers make a difference

It was great to be reunited with Lendlease again after all the amazing help we had from them when the Narrowgate Shelter was open.

A group of 11 employees from Lendlease came and covered a lot of ground specifically for the Food Club and more generally for the mission:

  • They painted a bedroom in the cottage, which has now already been occupied by a new Christian who has been involved with nearly all our MCM projects. A brilliant collaboration!
  • They painted the ladies toilets and the stains from the leaks below the windows in the café.
  • The back storeroom has been completely transformed, we are able to get in and find the things we need.
  • All the bedding from the Narrowgate was sorted for what could be saved, passed on, or disposed of.
  • A skip was filled with redundant and damaged furniture, including the broken up pool table, as well as the bedding, etc.
  • The fridge/freezers grills were all cleaned, as well as a deep clean took place around each one
  • Our surplus of bottled water was sorted into date order to avoid waste.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and it was a real pleasure to meet with them. Barry was able to share a few stories of how God has intervened in a number of situations so that they got a genuine feel of what MCM is about. With Fish and Chips for lunch it doesn't get much better.....

We are also grateful to Lendlease for a very kind donation of £600 towards the Food Club. It is very much appreciated.

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Clock icon 03 Nov, 2021

Written by:

Barry Matley

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