She said, "The Food Club has been a lifeline to me. "

Barry goes the extra mile for a Food Club client.

The saying "To go the extra mile!" originates from Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, where he said that if someone wants you to go one mile you should go two. This kind of compassionate response to the needs of the people that MCM missionaries are engaged with is typical of all our projects.

Here Barry tells us about a recent interaction with a Nourish client.

We visit a lady regularly and have been supplying In Kind products along with the food from our Family FoodFayre Food Club in Salford.

She had specifically requested a repeat of the Radox product we gave her, but we had run out. However, she was really pleased with the Dove Shampoo as it worked really well for her hair. We hadn’t realised, but she has to be careful as she is allergic to many products. She was really pleased when I dropped in another Dove shampoo this week.

She said, "I am housebound due to Agoraphobia. The Food Club has been a lifeline to me. Barry and Janet kindly bring my items each week. The body wash, shampoo and soap are a great addition to the food I receive. I have allergies, the Dove and Radox products have been great. Thank you."

Delivering a Food Club shop is going the extra mile. Is there an extra mile that The Lord is asking you to walk.

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Clock icon 31 Jan, 2023

Written by:

Barry Matley

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