Lights, camera, turned off for now...

Yesterday Groundbreakers sent out the link to their final assembly of the school year!

Back in September when the Groundbreakers team were able to go into schools to take assemblies, they visited 34 schools each half term, taking assemblies on the theme of Topsy Turvy Living in a Topsy Turvy World and produced a monthly online assembly video. But then, when the school doors shut once again due to Covid, they began to produce a weekly online assembly and are now sending these assembly links to over 100 schools across Greater Manchester.

During the year they have produced 15 Topsy Turvy Living In A Topsy Turvy World assemblies, 11 God Says I... assemblies, and Experience Christmas, Experience Easter and Experience Pentecost videos. Add to that the 11 videos produced for schools since the first Lockdown back in March 2020, 6 children's talks for Churches as well as online family service talks... it's been a VERY busy 15 months for Groundbreakers!!

Headteachers have been in touch to say things like...

"Thank you again Mary for your wonderful assemblies! They always seem so relevant."


"Can I just say a huge thank you for these assemblies. The work you put in to make them come alive for the children is just fabulous. If only there were more resources like this. Keep them coming!"

"I've just watched the one you sent today and know that our children will really appreciate it. It's so important to keep speaking about Gods love for them, for the children to know they're loved, valued and planned for is so relevant right now!"

We thank God that the Groundbreakers Team have been able to support schools during this tricky time in a very relevant and practical way.

Clock icon 12 Jul, 2021

Written by:

Mary Butt

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