Nick's resilience pays off!

After four weeks with little sign of progress, Nick, our On The Wing Chaplain, tells how the "Living With Loss" course attendees suddenly engaged.

We have been running the "Living with Loss" course on Mondays for five weeks now in one of the prisons I work in and the first four sessions were really hard going. Those attending were not very forthcoming regarding the various losses and traumatic situations they have been through in the past. However, this week there was quite a dramatic change. We had a lot more interaction and everyone seemed to be much more willing to share and to engage with the course. We heard some very personal, and really tragic stories from the guys about how they ended up in prison, or how they had lost loved ones, businesses, relationships, contact with their children and so on.

Several attendees shared how the course had been cathartic for them and had given them hope and set them on the road to recovery. The final session is the one in which we share the gospel and tell them how God is the God of all comfort and we challenge the guys to look to the Lord Jesus Christ and give their hearts to Him. Please continue to pray for this course and the other courses we run such as the Restorative Justice course "Sycamore Tree", the "Christianity Explored" course and the "Alpha" course, all of which follow on from "Living with Loss".

One The Wing


Clock icon 08 Dec, 2021

Written by:

Nick Stirling

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