Being back in schools is more than just the planned activities.

Back in schools and the Groundbreakers team are being recognised by children in the shops and by staff as supportive listeners who pray!

Mary, who co-ordinates Groundbreakers, was in Tesco's this week with her daughter, suddenly they heard a little voice gasping behind them and saying to her father, "She comes to my school!!!". Mary turned around and there was a little girl with a huge grin pointing at her!!! She stopped and had a chat with the little girl and her dad. As Mary left her daughter said, "It's like shopping with a celebrity!" because the same thing had happened the week before!! Mary says, "It's great that the children we meet in the schools across Manchester get so excited when they see us outside of school and want to tell their grown-ups about who we are and what we do and it's another opportunity for the Gospel."

Mary went on to say, "Alongside this is the fact that the staff in these schools see us as people they can open up to and share really personal stuff with. Since going back into schools in September I have had three very personal conversations in separate schools with Head Teachers and support staff who just needed to talk. They were encouraged to know that they would be prayed for."

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Clock icon 06 Oct, 2021

Written by:

Mary Butt

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