My cup overflows

Ryan (Operation Joy) and Michelle (Restart) went into Manchester City Centre to reach out to street homeless people.

As they walked around the city centre they encountered a young man in his late 30s who was sat by a bin. They sat down next to him and introduced themselves and he told them that his name was Richard.

Ryan explained that they were Christians and asked if there was anything they could do for him. Richard said that the last 10 years of his life had been a repeating pattern of drugs, homelessness, and rehab after rehab. It seemed that nothing could break this cycle. He said he prayed and that he knew about Jesus but, when asked if he had taken the step of asking Jesus into his life and having a personal relationship with Jesus, he said “No”.

Ryan asked Richard if they could pray with him to start that journey with Jesus and invite him into his life, he replied “Yes” so Ryan and Michelle started to pray.

Ryan led him in a prayer of salvation and, as he gave his life to Christ, he started to cry. Michelle asked for the Holy Spirit to come and break the addictions that held Richard and he began to shake and cry even more.

All this was taking place in a very busy city centre but, as they prayed, the peace of God surrounded them with silence.

Suddenly, a young man came from nowhere with a box in his hand, he bent down and emptied the box, which was full of money, into the empty cup that Richard was using. The money filled the cup and overflowed all over the floor.

Richard was overwhelmed. He couldn't even speak; crying and stuttering as he asked, “What is happening?” Ryan and Michelle reassured him that everything was okay and that is the kind of thing that happens when Jesus is at work. When they looked around the young man with the box of money had disappeared, not waiting to be thanked

Ryan then spoke to Richard about the overflowing of Jesus in his life and shared the promise of Jesus in Psalm 23:5; “my cup overflows.” They left Richard with contact details.

Clock icon 10 May, 2021

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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