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Since the closure of our “Narrowgate Homeless Shelter” due to Covid-19 we have continued providing support and ministry to vulnerable and disadvantaged people during the daytime in whatever other ways we can, through the “Narrowgate Support Hub” where we offer both practical help and spiritual ministry.

For example, J.K. is an elderly gentleman with physical and mental health problems. He was recently referred into our Narrowgate Support Hub by one of our mission's outreach team members. We have been helping him concerning some outstanding household bills, advocating on his behalf with the debtors concerned. We have also been able to secure funding for white goods for him through the Acts 435 scheme (for which we are advocates.) In addition, we have been liaising for him with his local GP and NHS provision regarding an appointment for minor surgery. He is also very lonely and enjoys spending time with us regarding both our practical help and our Christian ministry in the “New Life Group.”

We are continuing to support and minister to several Iranian Christians who had to flee their homeland in order to escape persecution and the very real possibility of imprisonment or death. They arrived in the UK at various times deeply traumatized and fearful and we cared for them in our homeless shelter until we had to close it. Our resettlement worker, Cath has managed to find accommodation for some of them and others have been housed by the local authorities. We have had the privilege of meeting two of their relatives and being able to lead them to the Lord. We still keep in touch via telephone calls, social media and Covid safe doorstep visits as we do with other former Narrowgate Shelter guests.

Many former guests and indeed staff and volunteers have expressed appreciation for the chance to enjoy the fellowship and support we offer through the Wednesday “New Life Group.” This is the means by which we are seeking to address the serious issue of social isolation, something with which many lonely people are struggling at this time. I am also producing short online devotional times for people to follow via YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Finally, I have now gained full clearance to minister as a chaplain in all categories of prisons and will be coming alongside prison chaplains helping them in their work both with inmates and with the resettlement of ex-offenders on the outside.

Nick Stirling MCM Chaplain.

Clock icon 12 Apr, 2021

Written by:

Nick Stirling

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