Wherever two or three are gathered...

During a recent ministry time in HMP Hindley, I was asked to run the afternoon Bible Study meeting because the usual chaplain was away on leave. Now the numbers attending can vary considerably, sometimes we can have eight or ten, other times fewer. However, on this occasion, only two prisoners turned up.

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Initially, I was a little disappointed but the two who came were very keen to go ahead with the meeting and I found this to be encouraging, sensing that God was at work in the situation. I distributed some “New Life” booklets and we began to go through them. (This is a booklet that explains the gospel message and invites the reader to receive Christ)

Well, for the next hour we had a wonderful, precious time discussing in depth the Person of Christ, God's plan of salvation and what it meant to be a true Christian. I had previously given them Bibles and they were both reading them. One of the young men said he had already given his heart to Jesus but felt he needed strength to live the Christian life. The other said he was very interested but wanted a little more time to consider things. I rounded off the meeting by encouraging them and praying for both of them.

There was such an intimacy and focus throughout this meeting that I am sure would not have been possible had more people come. I was reminded of some of the times Jesus spoke one to one with certain individuals such as Nicodemus or the woman at the well in Samaria.

Jesus promised that where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20. This was certainly the case that day because there was a powerful sense of His presence and a real awareness that the Almighty was at work. Please pray that these two guys come to a fuller understanding of who Jesus is and that they may go on to walk with Him.

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Clock icon 29 Sep, 2022

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Nick Stirling

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