Sholver Community Centre Children's Party

Groundbreakers were asked by Fresh Church if they would run the games for a community Children's Christmas Party, it was great!

Manchester City Mission has partnered with Fresh Church and other community groups on the Sholver estate in Oldham over the past year to run the Boxes of Hope project. So when the Community Centre and Fresh Church asked if Groundbreakers would run the games at a community children's party it was the natural thing to do. This was very different to Groundbreakers normal work but it was a great blessing, both to the community and Groundbreakers.

No sooner had Mary walked through the door than a 15-year-old volunteer came up to her and said how she remembered her going into her school and taking assemblies. All the children at the local primary schools were pleased to see Mary and Debs in a different context. Two year 6 girls wanted to know how Groundbreakers did the editing for their online assemblies as it was so good, praise indeed from 11-year-olds!!! And then there were the parental comments on social media afterwards, "My girls had a brill time thank you so much x", "Thank u so much my 2 grandchildren loved it", "Thank you so much, my kids had an amazing time x", "Thank you all for a great party, my 3 loved it", and many more.

It was a pleasure to partner with our friends at Fresh Church and the local community. Well done everyone!

But it left us wondering; the 15-year-old went to a primary school with no church link. MCM support Groundbreakers visiting the school because assemblies and lunch clubs were well received, but just think, what an opportunity for a church if they linked up with Groundbreakers, to form a lasting relationship with their local school(s).



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Clock icon 13 Dec, 2021

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Mary Butt

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