Nick goes into prisons across Greater Manchester as a member of the Chaplaincy team, this week he saw a harvest from a grandma’s sowing.

Nick was on the wing when a young lad came up to him totally out of the blue saying he wanted to give his heart to Jesus. His Grandma had been talking to him about salvation. Nick spent quite a long time with him in his cell, taking him through the Scriptures making sure he understood things fully. Then he had the privilege of praying with him and leading him to Christ there and then.

Nick left him with a Bible, a book of testimonies and a follow-up booklet and put him down to attend Chapel.

Pray for him to be strong and go on with the Lord Jesus.

On the Wing


Image by Long Thiên on Some rights reserved
Clock icon 15 Dec, 2021

Written by:

Nick Stirling

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