Narrowgate Next Stage Housing helps a lady find find her own place to live, and with the finances and furniture.

‘A’ became homeless when the man she was sharing with said she had to leave the property and she felt unsafe staying. She had been sofa surfing but a friend, who had also been homeless and received help through us, suggested that Manchester City Mission might be able to help her.

When she first came to see Cath, our Next Stage Housing Co-ordinator, they went through the various options that were available to her and also prayed that the Lord would provide a place for her. Both Cath and 'A' continued to look for a place, ‘A’ rang Cath after a few weeks to say that she had found a place but needed help with the deposit and rent upfront. Cath applied to Acts435 who were able to help with a larger gift and this last week ‘A’ was able to move into her new home.

We were also able to help with sourcing some basic furniture and will continue to offer support in these first few months and to be on hand if needed in the future.

‘A’ is very happy to be settled at last.

Clock icon 21 Oct, 2021

Written by:

Cath Stirling

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