Nick celebrates the restoration of music to the HMP Hindley Bible group.

When I first began working at HMP Hindley in 2021 I used to share songs on occasions using one of the chapel guitars...

However, the instruments fell into disrepair and were eventually removed from the chapel, so this was no longer an option.

Last week in our Bible study time one of the prisoners was reminiscing about my sharing songs in those early days and asked why I didn't sing any more. When I explained, people asked if I could bring in my own guitar. I said that I would need clearance for this. My colleague who runs the group thought this would be good and so I asked the managing chaplain if it would be possible.

I have now heard back from him and he says that he has gained clearance for me to bring my guitar into the prison on Tuesdays. This will give another dimension to our Tuesday group and will be a further means of communicating the gospel, praise God!

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Clock icon 19 Apr, 2023

Written by:

Nick Stirling

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