Yay… it’s the jelly baby lady!!

Do children really remember and learn anything from school assemblies? Mary definitely thinks they do and here is a recent example to back up that belief.

On Monday, Mary went back to a school that she had not visited since early 2020 due to the pandemic. She received a lovely warm welcome but she was particularly encouraged by a comment from a teacher coming into the hall. The teacher said, “When I said it was a Groundbreakers assembly today the children cheered and said, “Yay… the Jelly Baby lady!” It was really lovely and they’ve missed seeing you!”

Why Jelly Baby Lady?

Well, about 3 or 4 years ago Mary did an assembly about peace in the school and told the story of how Jelly Babies used to be called Peace Babies and how Jesus wants us to be “Peace Babies” too!

On the way out a child came up to Mary and said, “Every time I have some jelly babies, I lick the powder off to see which Jelly Baby it is like you told us!” That assembly obviously made an impact and reminded Mary once again of the privilege that it is for Groundbreakers to visit schools whether virtually or physically, and through simple and fun assemblies, to enable the children to connect with and explore the Christian faith.

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Clock icon 30 Mar, 2022

Written by:

Mary Butt

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