Ryan listens to a man stranded in Manchester on his way home...

Ryan, from Operation Joy, and a team of volunteers from Arise and Shine Christian Ministries were working in the City Centre.

After various conversations, they met “M”, who was stranded in Manchester and needed to get back to Portsmouth. When Ryan offered to pray “M” said the team could pray that he had enough money to get back to Portsmouth. Having prayed Ryan left “M” his contact card.

The next day “M” rang Ryan at the office to ask if there was any help he could receive. Ryan arranged to meet “M” in Piccadilly Gardens where they discussed his situation. “M” poured out his heart, saying he had let everyone down and was sick of the direction his life was going.

Ryan spoke about Jesus to “M”. He outlined the Gospel explaining the relationship that is possible with God. Ryan explained the problem of sin and the need for repentance. Ryan went on to explain that if we believe in our heart that Jesus is Lord, and that God raised him from the dead, then we are saved. “M” responded by giving his heart to the Lord Jesus.

“M” explained how he had thrown Ryan’s card in the bin, but late at night he’d felt prompted to return the bin and empty it so he could find the card. He kept it safe in his pocket until the morning when he rang Ryan.

Ryan discussed the situation with Michelle (from Restart) who was happy to speak to her church (St Philips, Chapel St) who gave the cost of “M’s” coach fare.

Having seen “M” onto the coach, “M” has been back in touch with Ryan who has been able to put him in touch with a church in Portsmouth. “M” has promised to keep in touch with Ryan.

Clock icon 17 Jun, 2021

Written by:

Ryan Ackrill

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