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HMP Manchester used to support the night shelter, now our Nourish Food Club is their chosen charity for both staff, inmates and surplus goods.

Over the years we were very grateful for the support with surplus stock from HMP Manchester that they gave to our Narrowgate Nightshelter, particularly the bedding items.

Since the lockdown and closure of the night shelter, it has been really encouraging to continue receiving support for the Nourish Food Club project, with food supplies, especially bread, health bars and similar products.

This week Diane Philips, who has organised this support, has confirmed that our Food Club is now the charity project they are focussing on supporting and are trusting to help even more. On yesterday we received lots of bread, hot cross buns, face masks, sanitisers as well as very useful toilet flush items. Today they have brought across surplus burger baps, all so useful in helping our members.

They have now set up a box to be filled with donations from the staff and all the prisoners have been informed of what is happening at the Food Club, so that they can donate as well. The prisoners can use their allowance to order certain additional items that can go towards the project. Diane believes the uptake will be very good as there are a number with children who will really want to help. With the Thursday delivery, the staff were able to take in what effect the Food Club was having to the members and went back buzzing with ideas of how they can help further.

This is all wonderful and humbling at the same time. A massive thank you to Diane and HMP Manchester.

Photo © Keith Williamson (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Clock icon 12 Oct, 2021

Written by:

Barry Matley

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