Terry on USB Radio

Terry was invited by Ruth O’Reilly-Smith, presenter and producer of UCB’s “This is My Story” program to talk about Box of Hope.

Ruth had heard about Box of Hope from a colleague and was interested to speak to Terry this week.

During the interview Terry talked about how we got involved with the TLG Box of Hope project last year and the partnership between the local community on the Sholver estate in Oldham and MCM, with Fresh Church taking something of a lead.

He was able to tell Ruth’s audience that:

  • we would be delivering 23 boxes
  • that 75 children would benefit
  • that the content of the boxes is worth between £28.00 and £45.00 depending on the size of the family

Terry thanked Christine Cowling from Fresh Church for her work in organising the project.

Ruth went on to ask how Covid-19 had affected the project. Terry explained that funding for the project was linked to Covid-19 since it was originally framed as a Covid-19 recovery project.

Terry was then asked about MCM’s work in general, giving him an opportunity to speak about Groundbreakers, Nourish, Operation Joy and the support hub and Next Stage Housing. He described how all the projects were formed around Incarnation, Compassion and Proclamation.

Ruth's program is all about Christian testimony so she went on to ask Terry about his personal experience. Terry says, “I explained that at age 19 I realised my life was going in the wrong direction and that I needed God. I added that the last place I expected to find him was in church - but that is where he was! I expressed my gratitude to Janet and Steven for their support and patience during the time when I was seeking the Lord.” Terry went on to marry Janet and Steven her brother is elder at the church Terry leads.

After the show Ruth emailed Terry saying; "Thank you Terry – what a beautiful thing you and your church are doing. God bless you all."

Manchester City Mission


Clock icon 14 Dec, 2021

Written by:

Terry Durose

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