"I Thank God for you"

Every conversation is important!

Having finished the Restart street work for the evening, Michelle got herself some supper from one of the takeaways. As she came out of the shop a girl came up to her asking for money. Michelle explained that she didn't have any money but that she had a bag of toiletries and so on that she could have. The young woman really liked it and asked what Michelle did. She explained that she worked with sex workers and vulnerable women in the area, the young lady went on to say that she was a sex worker although she hadn't worked for a few weeks.

Michelle spoke with her some more and shared about being a Christian and Jesus' love for us. Michelle went on to pray for the young woman.

Later Michelle received a text message from the young woman saying, "I thank God for you".

Clock icon 28 Sep, 2021

Written by:

Michelle Delaney

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