We share the light that never goes out!

Thank you, Tesco Community Grant.

Groundbreakers has numerous mental health workshops booked for primary schools in Oldham this term, all thanks to funding from a Tesco Community Grant.

The workshops Use a resource known as The Lost Sun, which encourages children aged 5 to 8 to explore and express challenges such as fear, worry and anxiety in their personal lives. Central to the workshop is an animated poetic story about a little girl called Daisy for whom the sun disappeared. The children also do a crafts session where we make a lighthouse.

A pupil arrived at the workshop feeling rather upset after disclosing a serious situation happening in their own life, and later it was noted by the TA how relevant and helpful the session had been for this child.

Please pray that each time this child looks at the lighthouse they are reminded that Jesus is the light that never goes out.

Clock icon 23 Jan, 2024

Written by:

Mary Butt

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