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One hundred and eighty-five years of Manchester City Mission was well worth celebrating last Friday.

On Friday 4th November, Manchester City Mission welcomed supporters, trustees and team, both past and present to a celebration on at the Upper Room Christian Fellowship in Altrincham

Despite the best efforts of less than brilliant weather and a couple of traffic accidents in the locality, people arrived and enjoyed food, fellowship and a time of worship led by the Stirling family.

After watching our up-to-date video, that had been produced especially for the occasion, Duncan Cuthill, chair of the City Mission Movement, UK and CEO of Edinburgh City Mission, and Charles Maasz, CEO of Glasgow City Mission, brought their greetings to the meeting.

Our Director, Terry Durose, then unpacked MCM’s three-part foundation principles of Incarnation, Compassion and Proclamation, before we were honoured to welcome Roy Crowne, Director of Revelation Trust, to the stage. Roy brought a challenge for the future, a challenge to see those who are too ashamed to make themselves visible, a challenge to be incarnate in the lives of the poor and needy, to bring compassion to bear in the experience of these people and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we do so.

Roy reminded us all that this is a shared ministry and that without our supporters the team do not have the essential prayer required, nor the funding that enables the work to continue.

Incarnation | Compassion | Proclamation

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Clock icon 10 Nov, 2022

Written by:

Terry Durose

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